The right partner to design and develop custom battery packs

Born in 1999, Sinter Italy is a company focused on develop and assemble custom battery packs for broad range of application in the industrial field.

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About us

Focused on the technical analysis of the application requirements in order to offer the best solution of custom designed battery packs and energy accumulators, all duly developed, engineered, assembled and tested in our plant in Italy from experienced team with high-level skill, bringing know-how close to the customers.

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High level of competence

Sinter srl - Your battery Partner

Through in-depth technical analysis, Sinter designs and delivers custom battery solutions that optimize performance and meet all safety and regulatory requirements. The company is dedicated to continuous improvement, ensuring that its products and services stay at the forefront of the industry, keeping the customer’s projects ahead of the curve.


Complete Solutions

As experienced battery pack assembler, Sinter can offer the complete solution for the battery powered system, including control units, communication and charging equipments.


Specialized in

Finding the right solution for specific and severe needs, extreme operating temperature range, excellent lifetime reliability, rough environment in cycles and storage.



Human resources and long term support of our suppliers partners, notably Panasonic with their top quality cells, are the values of the Company.


Research & Innovation

Sinter team studies the progress of strongest technologies to achieve higher performances, ensuring value-added solutions and aiming at continuous improvement.